Sustainable Agriculture

British American Tobacco Bangladesh from its inception has worked closely with farmers.

Farming for the future

To ensure the farmers’ success in all aspects of farming we have undertaken programmes to inform farmers about various environmentally friendly sustainable agriculture techniques, and developed skills training programmes for their application.

We are implementing a host of activities as a part of our social responsibility to improve the social condition, the economic pulse and the standard of living of the farming communities. Our supply chain starts with the hardwork of around 34,000 registered farmers within the village community.

Our initiatives include Green Manuring with Dhaincha (Sesbania aculeata) - an effective approach in enriching soil health and fertility. Dhaincha is also promoted as alternate fuel in leaf growing areas. Moreover, we have introduced Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Clubs and Farmers’ Field Schools (FFS) in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture Extension to educate our farmers about the adoption of Good Agriculture Practices.

Through the 53 IPM clubs established by us, 53 FFS sessions have been completed. The knowledge has been proven extremely effective to the farmers for pest management.