Mr. K. H. Masud Siddiqui

Independent Director


Mr. K. H. Masud Siddiqui joined the Bangladesh Civil Service in 1982 after completing his Master’s from the University of Dhaka. He also earned his MA degree in Economics from the University of Manchester, UK. He further received a Post Graduate Diploma in Development Administration and Management from the UK.

Date of appointment to BATB Board

Mr. Siddiqui joined the Board of Directors as Independent Director in October 2010, representing the Government, a shareholder of the Company. Mr. Siddiqui is also the Chairman of the Company’s Nomination and Remuneration Committee. Mr. Siddiqui was reappointed as an Independent Director to the Board of Directors in October 2018.


Mr. Siddiqui was appointed as Secretary of the Ministry of Industries on September 2010 and then as Secretary of Ministry of Liberation War Affairs in 2012. At this time, Mr. Siddiqui was re-appointed as the Independent Director of BAT Bangladesh, as well as a member of the Company’s Audit Committee. Before this, Mr. Siddiqui led Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation as its Chairman. During his successful stint in the civil services for almost 34 years, he held several important positions at both the field administration level and in different ministries. He also worked in the Prime Minister’s Office in the capacity of a Director.

Other accomplishments

Mr. Siddiqui is a distinguished writer. He has five publications to his credit, including Lok Shadhonar Sangskriti, Tasauf and Other Contexts, Malgooddy Days and Bihongo Abolokon.