Our economic impact

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Our Economic Impact

BAT Bangladesh’s economic contribution spans from a local to a global level and its initiatives contribute towards 8 of the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Bangladesh.

Ever since its inception 113 years ago, we have been committed to be a partner in the sustainable development of the country. We are regarded as the benchmark for compliance and governance across the corporate sector.

BATB continues to support the Government’s vision with various initiatives and are also the highest revenue contributor in the private sector, contributing around 10% of the total internal revenue.  We contribute approximately more than two-thirds of the revenue derived from the cigarette industry, having contributed over BDT 29.5 crore as taxes to the National Exchequer in the year 2022.

We are also proud to mention that as a responsible Company, we have contributed about BDT 85 Crore in the past 10 years - a consistent contributor, ever since the Bangladesh Labour Welfare Foundation has been introduced. Till date, BAT Bangladesh has single-handedly donated almost 15% of the total fund.